God's Country Photography...

is fine art nature photography by Chuck Peacock.
Specializing in landscapes and wildlife of the Southwest and Rocky Mountain Regions USA.

Featuring the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico!

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Poppies and Owls Clover, Globe, Arizona

All images on this site Chuck Peacock/God's Country Photography.
Any editorial or commercial use of these images is not authorized without written agreement.
Please read on for more specific information about the images.

This site is an online gallery featuring a sample of the best photos of God's Country Photography.

I invite you to browse through some beautiful country.  New images are added periodically.

If you're a photo-buyer or just a lover of nature photography or nature in general I'm positive you wont be disappointed.

  Maroon Bells, Colorado

I make our "smaller" digital prints from the Epson 2200 Stylus Photo Printer.  Prints last over 70 years in ambient room light under glass (based on Wilhelm Institute research)The Luster finish is a beautiful semi-gloss, lightly textured surface. Prints 16x24 and larger are printed on the big brother to the 2200 ...the Epson 9600. Other surface finishes are available on request.


I am very pleased to offer the following service...

"Colorplak is an alternative picture framing process where your image is dry mounted onto Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and then sealed under heat and pressure with 80% UV protective matte finish vinyl lamination and finished with a beveled edge in your choice of over 30 colors. The final result is a non–glare, easy to clean, professional looking product at a fraction of the cost of traditional custom framing."  - from  the Colorplak website.



Eyes/Creative Vision: THE most important pieces of equipment a photographer has is his or her eyes in conjunction with their creative vision. No extravagant and expensive equipment will produce consistently good photographs without these.

The images in the galleries were made using primarily Canon equipment -  a few older images are on 35 mm film (negs and slides), I have used Canon's 10D, 30D, and now the 50D digital SLR. I have no hesitation to make prints up to 40 inches on the short side with this camera and much larger with stitched panorama images.
 I use Canon and Sigma professional grade lenses. 

Notes on digital manipulation:
This is an important issue.  There are obviously many discussions on this subject so I won't get into all of that here.  But I do want to express that truth is a fundamental concept in my photography.
Point 1) The characteristics of film and digital sensors along with the art of selectively composing an image do not lend themselves to exact representations of the real world, But I try to make it as close as possible.  There really is no exact  interpretation of the real world in a photograph.
Point 2) Striving for the truth and conveying reality as close as possible is my intention, albeit subjective due to the previous point.  I like to take a photograph to share the beauty of what I saw, not what I imagined.
Point 3) Imagination and artistic license and their expression are also very valuable as long as they are clearly labeled/conveyed as such.

I do very little digital manipulation on my images beyond the standard contrast, brightness, and color balance that happens every time a print is made from a slide or a negative.
Note: I do make composites of the same scene to expand the dynamic range (I expose for the foreground in one image and expose for the sky a few seconds later then combine them).  This actually makes the final image more like what we see with our human eye as film and digital sensors have a much narrower dynamic range than our eyes. 

But rest assured, you wont be finding African elephants against an Arizona sunset here.
So, in a nutshell, you don't have to worry that any of my images are a product of my imagination (not real.)  They are very close to what I saw originally.  I want to share with people the true magnificence of nature without any "help" from me.  God's the original artist, I'm just recording his handiwork.

Also, any image that is made with a captive animal or in a garden situation is clearly labeled as such .

Thank you for having the interest and taking the time to read this information.  Please see my page on personal notes about myself.

Roosevelt Lake, Arizona

Member: Nature Photographers of Colorado
 Member: Rocky Mountain Nature Photographers
Graduate -
New York Institute of Photography